From 11-12-2011 to 09-01-2012


08:32 Support #115: Possible to disable max-tilt
Hi, I'm newbie in programming, is it possible to make a looping with AR.Drone ? Thanks :) Alex Alex


07:48 Support #114: Borland C++ Complier for Parrot A R Drone
Does anyone has the control and the video capturing source code for the Drone for the Borland C++ Complier ? Steven Lim


10:32 Support #113: Trying to compile ar drone on visual studio 2008 C++
Greetings, I have been following the forum in order to troubleshoot compiling the win32 ar drone demo on visual studio 2008 C++. The below are my errors after following the forum discussion to the best of my ability. How can I resolve the error... Tan Wen Hao
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