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Antoine Ferran, 20-09-2011 16:29

ARDrone Version 2010-08-09-1.2 open source software

This document describes the source code used on the ARDrone devices with version 20100809_1_2 of the embedded software, which falls either under the GNU General Public License (the GPL), or the GNU Lesser General Public License (the LGPL).

Source code download

Package License Homepage
Linux kernel 2.6.27 with Parrot patches GPLv2 http://www.kernel.org
Linux kernel config 2.6.27 GPLv2 http://www.kernel.org
G++ Lite 2009q1-203 toolchain for ARM GNU/Linux GPLv2,LGPLv2.1 http://www.codesourcery.com/sgpp/lite/arm/portal/release858
busybox-1.14 GPLv2 http://www.busybox.net
procps-3.2.8 GPLv2 http://procps.sourceforge.net
strace-4.5.20 BSD-like http://sourceforge.net/projects/strace
iptables-1.4.5 GPLv2 http://www.netfilter.org
ethtool-6 GPLv2 http://sourceforge.net/projects/gkernel
wireless_tools-29 GPLv2 http://www.hpl.hp.com/personal/Jean_Tourrilhes/Linux/Tools.html
dmalloc-5.5.2 License http://dmalloc.com
zlib-1.2.3 License http://zlib.net


The entire ARDrone software for version 20100809_1_2 was built using the following Code Sourcery tools and libc:

Sourcery G++ Lite 2009q1-203 for ARM GNU/Linux, available here,
itself based on the following components:

  • GNU binutils-2.19.51
  • gcc-4.3.3
  • eglibc-2.8
  • gdb-6.8.50

Parrot applied the following patches to the toolchain binary distribution:

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