Welcome to the AR.Drone open API platform!

This is the reference platform for developing new augmented reality games based on the AR.Drone. Download and discover the potential of Games with AR.Drone.

For getting help or discussing about AR.Drone project, use the forum.

AR.Drone API project:

AR Drone API is the reference project for developing augmented reality games based on the AR.Drone. It includes API source code and control application examples for iPhone and other platforms.

  • Download full SDK source code, mutliplatform examples and documentation
  • Access wiki
  • Participate to forum
  • Contribute to AR.Drone open API development
  • Download the AR.Drone SDK License

Download the SDK 1.8 package and the Developer Guide and start developing now!

SDK 1.8 new features are:

  • AR.FreeFlight 1.9 iOS example includes the latest AR.Drone firmware update 1.7.4 for the AR.Drone.
  • The firmware update 1.7.4 for the AR.Drone turns the AR.Drone Wi-Fi into Access Point mode.
  • The new SDK includes a bugfix for the navdata regarding drone_camera_trans.
  • Hovering on top of the roundel has been improved.
  • A new FTP package developed by Parrot is used to update the AR.Drone from FreeFlight 1.9.
  • The Linux example has been updated.

We hope you will enjoy developing with SDK 1.8!
The AR.Drone Developer Team

AR.Drone APIプロジェクト概要(日本語):SDK1.8パッケージをダウンロード

Go to AR.Drone API project

Contact us if you would like to:

  • develop and share AR Drone API on a new platform (Windows, Linux, .NET, Android, WindowsMobile, etc).
  • create a new shared source code project.
  • request an AR.Drone prototype when available for testing.

Return to AR.Drone page of Parrot website.

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ARDrone API: SDK 1.8 just released! (327 comments)
The new SDK 1.8 is ready for download "here":https://projects.ardrone.org/attachments/download/373/ARDrone_SDK_Version_1_8_20110726.tar.gz.
Added by Martin Lefebure 1368 days ago

ARDrone API: SDK 1.7 just released! (333 comments)
Download the "SDK 1.7":https://projects.ardrone.org/attachments/download/364/ARDrone_SDK_Version_1_7_20110525.tar.gz package and start developing now!
Added by Martin Lefebure 1429 days ago

ARDrone API: Parrot releases FlyingAce (748 comments)
A free fighting game using augmented reality developed for the AR.Drone
Added by Martin Lefebure 1458 days ago

ARDrone API: Nokia app and source code are now available (308 comments)
Added by Martin Lefebure 1459 days ago

ARDrone API: SDK 1.6 just released! (441 comments)
Download the "SDK 1.6":https://projects.ardrone.org/attachments/download/334/ARDrone_SDK_1_6_20110224.tar.gz package and start developing now!
Added by Martin Lefebure 1520 days ago

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Latest projects

  • ARDrone API (14-12-2009 16:33)

    The AR Drone SDK version 2.0.1 is now available.
    Support for H264 and MPEG video decoding is now provided by ffmpeg only. The ffmpeg library is a open source software released under the LGPL.

    You can download the SDK here